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2013-14 USWOA Executive Board

Welcome from USWOA President Rick Tucci

Current list of State Mat and Pairings Leaders (please send all updates, changes and email addresses to uswoaoffice@verizon.net and ndorow@aol.com)
USWOA Administrative Office email address: uswoaoffice@verizon.net
Administrative Assistant: Delaine "De" Heyman

4014 Bell Grande Drive, Valrico, FL 33596 813-655-4136 (O), 813-655-4536 (fax)

Pairers Corner

Forms and information for USWOA pairers
(updated 10/18/14

Mat Officials Corner

Forms and information for USWOA Mat Officials
(updated 9/6/14

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USWOA Newsletter
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2014 USWOA Official of the Year

Sam Julian (PA)

2014 USWOA Award Recipients

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Link to FILA Calendar of Referee Clinics

Requirements for upgrade and which category mat official may officiate where:
1. To be promoted to Category M2, mat officials must be at least 17 years old during the USWOA Membership Year and their high school class must have graduated.

2. 17 year old officials still in high school will not be allowed to officiate at the University Nationals, Junior FILA World Team Trials, Junior National Duals, Cadet National Duals and the Olympic Regional Trials. They may still officiate at the Schoolboy/Girl National Duals, Kids/Cadets Regionals and the Junior Regionals if it is necessary for the conduct of the event.

3. A Category M3 official may officiate at the Cadet/Junior Nationals if they are 17 or more years old, their high school class has graduated, have been a USWOA member for 2 or more years and are eligible for promotion to Category M2. This means they have worked a USAW regional or national championship event and are familiar with mat procedures. They must also be recommended by their State Chairman or State Officials Director.

Full chart listing where each category may officiate is here:

P3 Pairing Test Now Available to Download (click here to download new, 8/08 version)

USWOA Policies and Procedures
Approved 7/25/06
Pairers Policies and Procedures (7/09 update)


USWOA Mat Officials:

The USWOA Executive Board wishes to remind all M1s, M1C‚s, and M2s, regarding compliance to category maintenance listed in the USWOA Policies and Procedures on the official's page at themat.com.

If you are unable to fulfill your maintenance requirements in the 2013 season, you may receive a downgrade for the 2014 or future membership years.


M1-Must attend the clinic and officiate both Freestyle and Greco at one Regional or National USAW tournament.

M1C- Must attend the clinic and officiate both Freestyle and Greco at one Regional or National USAW tournament.

M2-Must officiate both Freestyle and Greco at one Regional or National USAW tournament.

If you are unable to fulfill your requirements for a year, you may ask the USWOA Executive Board in writing for a waiver. Each case will be reviewed by the Board.

20013-14 USWOA Board of Directors

PRESIDENT - Rick Tucci


SECRETARY - Toby Tobiasson

Ginger Lile

Jerry Kuntz

Bill Stecklein

Chris Curtis
Zach Errett
John Heyman
Tom Kuisle
Casey Brennan-Goessl
Sam Julian
Toska Adams
Mike Dilworth

Sue Hesser
De Heyman



2015 USWOA Membership Application

(available only for one year and those 17 and younger) (print and mail in with payment)


If you were a previous member (athlete, coach, and official), do not create a new record.  Your profile will already be in the USA Wrestling membership system.  Click on the "here if you forgot your password" and it will be emailed to you in a matter of minutes.  If your email has changed, contact the office at uswoaoffice@verizon.net.

New and renewal USWOA 2015 and 2016 memberships can be obtained at:

All members 18 and over must have a background check. 
The screening is good for 2 years and must be done through usawmembership.com with TC LogiQ.

Make sure all your personal information is correct.  Once you have started filling out your membership renewal it will say click "here" to begin your Background check.  It will link you to TC LogiQ.  You will need to read the screens.  If you have previously done a Background check with TC LogiQ, you already have an account with them.  Have the system find your account and request a new password.  It will be emailed to you, if needed.

Create a NEW ACCOUNT if you are registering as a new 2015 official. You do not already have an account with TC LogiQ. 

2014 new officials will not be prompted to complete another 2-year screening. If this is the case, the system will only allow you to purchase a 1-year membership.
  You will be mailed your stamp and control card when you have paid and been cleared.  Please make sure your profile address is your complete mailing address.  USWOA office is not able to access your background check.  If you have questions regarding any delay in receiving your clearance, please contact Tony Black at USAW:

Contact De Heyman, USWOA Administrative Assistant office email uswoaoffice@verizon.net if you have any questions or problems.

Click here for a printable copy of these instructions


April, 2014 Edition

Summary of New FILA Weights and Rules for 2014


January, 2014 release

2014 USWOA National Assignments
as of 6/4/2014

2014 International Assignments
as of August 19, 2014

Feb 8-9     Grand Prix of Paris - Paris, France    Ken Werling
February 8 - 26    Granma - Cuba    Jerry Kuntz
February 15 - 16    Ysar Dagu Sr. - Istanbul, Turkey    Mark Mundy

Feb. 16 - March 1    Medved - Minsk, Bulgaria    Dennis Thorson

February 21 - 23    Dan Kolov - Sofia, Bulgaria    Rob Williamson

Feb. 25 - Mar 7    Lady Klippan - Klippan, Sweden    Toska Adams

March 7 - 9      Austrian Junior Open - Gotzis, Austria    Neal Dorow

March 10 - 17     Women’s World Cup - Tokyo, Japan    Roy Scott

March 14 - 16    FS World Cup - Los Angeles    Bill Grant & Danny Blackshear

April 29 - May 5    Pan Am Cadets - Sao Polo, Brazil     Na Humma

May 15-16     Greco World Cup - Tehran, Iran    Mike Swisher

May 16-18     Champions Junior Izmir - Turkey    Cody Goessl

June 7-8     Grand Prix of Germany - Dormagen, Germany    James Stinson

June 13-14     Austrian Ladies Open - Gotzis, Austria    Mia Kruggel

June 27-29     Pan American Junior Championships - Toronto, Canada    Brock Zollinger & Ron Fazio

July 5     Grand Prix of Spain - Madrid, Spain    Fidel Albelo

July 8-12     World University Championships - Pecs, Hungary    Cody Hesser

July 15-17     Pan American Senior Championships - Mexico City, Mexico    Drew Hayes & Umberto Fasolino

July 15-20     Cadet World Championships - Snina, Slovakia    Michael Jordan & Rusty Davidson

July 25-27     Golden Grand Prix - Baku, Azerbaijan    Jason Babi

August 5-10     Junior World Championships - Zagreb, Croatia    Sam Julian, Danny Blackshear & Roy Scott

August 25-27      Youth Olympic Games - Nanjing, China    Na Humma

August 26-31      Veterans World Championships - Belgrade, Serbia    Lewis Hendrickson

September 8- 14      Senior World Championships - Tashkent, Uzbekistan    Zach Errett, Stacey Davis & Casey Goessl

October 1-9     CISM World Military Championships - Fort Dix, New Jersey    Mike Swisher, Tim Pierson & Sue Hesser-Pairer

2013-14 USWOA Mat and Pairing Officials Upgrades


All tournaments are being locked 40 days prior to the event date.  Changes or additions,  after that time, can be sent directly to the USWOA Office or designated person.  Room requests are for the Open, Universities, and Fargo tournaments.  The tournament director or the director's designee will arrange housing for officials attending tournaments.

USWOA Members,
The tournament request site is ready.  Log in to   http://www.themat.com/uswoa   Sign up for the Regional and National tournaments you will be officiating in 2014.
Everyone will register as new.  Log in and “click here to register”, All you need is your license number and email address.   During the year you will be able to edit and update your address and phone number information.  Click on the top tab “Update Contact Information”.     Please, read all the information on the form.  There is not a submit button at the bottom of the tournament selection page.  As you choose your tournaments, they will move to the top.  Your list can be printed and changed at any time by adding or removing tournaments.   If you find your plans have changed in any way, please change your list, so that we have an up to date list of officials for the tournament host.   Each time you make a change, your entry will be date stamped.  Cut off for changes will be 40 days prior to the tournament.  You can email the office after that time to make changes. 
Be sure to request a room (if needed) and submit even though you do not yet know your arrangements.  The details can be added later.
For assigned officials, please include the tournaments you are assigned.  You still must request a room and fill in your travel information, where required.
Please check the event schedule at themat.com for any tournament changes.
Submit your initial request as soon as possible. You need to have a current 2014 USWOA membership.

Thank you.
De Heyman, USWOA Administrative Assistant

USA Wrestling Harassment Policy