Pairers Corner
Forms and Information for USWOA Pairers

2015 Membership Application

Pairing Policies and Procedures (2009 update)
for complete policies, refer to web page

2014 Application for Pairing Scholarship in Fargo


Mat-Side Entry (Power Point)

Things to Remember When Entering Results Mat-Side

P 3 Test (8/08 version)

Clinic Sign In (Excel)

Practice for P2 Test

Pairing Officials' Worksheet

66 Percent Chart #2

USA Wrestling Tournament Flow Chart


2014 Age and Weight Chart

66 Percent Chart

Assignments 1

Assignments 2

Bout Sheet

Bout Sheet Tracking

Bout Sheet Tracking up to 2500
NOTE: If you don't see the tabs at the bottom of the page thru 2500 bouts, try this : On the View tab, in the Window group, click Arrange All.  Under Arrange, click Tiled, and then click OK.

Chief Clerk's Tally Sheet - Set Up

Chief Clerk's Tally Sheet - Tournament

Double Elimination Flow Chart

Dual Bout Sheet

Order of Weights

Outstanding Wrestler Ballot

Presentation of Awards

Printer Tally Sheet

Print Tracking (excel)

Protest Decision

Protest Form

Protest Procedures

Release Times

K/C/J Release Weights (excel)

Session Time Table

Special Awards

Tournament Planning Outline

Medical Sign In (Excel)

Green Medical Alert

Yellow Medical Alert

Red Medical Alert

Medical Research Data Form


Chief Pairer Check List

Clinic Sign In (Excel)

Pairing Duals Report

Ethics Committee

Pairing Packet Introduction

Pairer Evaluation Form (new 4/10)

Tournament Report

Tournament Report - Weights

Travel Reimbursement Form