2012 USWOA Award Recipients

Tom Kuisle

Tom Kuisle (MN)

Official of the Year

To the individual who in the previous year has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities at the state, regional, national and international levels;  has demonstrated a high degree of knowledge and skills in the area of mat officiating or pairings and has contributed to the development of officials within the organization.

John Heymen

John Heyman (FL)

Phil Portuese Memorial Award

To an individual who has done something beyond the normal to teach young people how to officiate.  Presented in recognition of outstanding leadership and contributions in the training of new officials and the development of young athletes.

Josh Grube

Josh Grube (OK)

Glenn Blackman Memorial Award

Presented to the new official who is working to improve and for recognition of outstanding accomplishments as a mat official and contributions to USA Wrestling.

Carrie learn

Carrie Learn (MN)

Ivan Olsen Memorial Award
(Volunteer Pairer of the Year)

Presented to a pairer who has dedicated years of service at the local, state, national levels and in recognition of their dedication and contributions to the field of pairings and to USA Wrestling.

Lorraine Smith

Lorraine Smith (WI)

Bernie Norris Memorial Award
(Pairing Master of the Year)

Selected each year by the Pairings Advisory Board in recognition of outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the field of pairings and to USA Wrestling.

Jerry Kuntz

Jerry Kuntz (ok)

 Mort Geller Award

To an individual who has demonstrated outstanding officiating skills on the International level and who is recognized as an outstanding clinician on the national level. The recipient will have contributed to the development of the USWOA's FILA mat officials. This individual will be considered a "mentor to the mentors"

Kevin Jensen

Kevin Jensen (MN)

Dick Riggle Award

Cadet Nationals Outstanding Referee

2012 USWOA
Lifetime Achievement Award

Jerry Reicks
 Jerry Reicks (OK)
Ed Gould
  Ed Gould (NY)

Pat Cadwallader
Pat Cadwallader (CA)

Dave Stormo
Dave Stormo (NM)

Bob Vallarelli
Bob Vallarelli (OH)

joe russo
Joe Russo (NY)

USA Wrestling FILA Junior Person of the Year
USA Wrestling Junior Person of the Year
Sue Hesser
Rob Wiggs
Sue Hesser (IN)
Rob Wiggs (SC)